Would it be possible with construct 2?

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  • I am not sure if this is more a topic for this forum or for the how to section so if this is the wrong place please move it to the correct forum.

    My question is more if it would be possible to make a game like:

    • http://codeincomplete.com/projects/racer/v4.final.html = final game.
    • http://codeincomplete.com/posts/2012/6/22/javascript_racer/ = article.

    <img src="http://codeincomplete.com/posts/2012/6/22/javascript_racer/racer.v283.png" border="0" />

    With construct 2, and if so what would be the general tips for creating such a game and if / if not it would require plugins to achieve it with construct 2? The way he does curves/hills and pseudo 3d is quite nice so.

  • I think this is possible.

    It would use a ton of sprites, though, and I don't really know how well construct 2 handles all of those.

    The road surface isn't a surface at all. It's a stack of sprites. These sprites slide along the X axis for left/right turns, and along the Y axis for height up and down.

    They're a horizontally aligned rectangle in shape, and there are multiples of the same color (let's say 3) then 3 more of the darker grey, then three more of the lighter grey, etc.

    I don't think this is particularly difficult to implement; I'd draw a picture, but the ascii art would be horrible. I'll try to anyway...

    <font face="Courier New, Courier, mono">


    +                                                                         +

    +                                                                         +

    +                                                                         +

    +                                                                         +

    +                                                                         +

    +                                                                         +

    +                                                                         +

    +                                                                         +

    +                                                                         +

    +               +--------ROADSPRITE 3---------+                          +

    +             +--------ROADSPRITE 2---------+ |                          +

    +           +--------ROADSPRITE 1---------+ |-+                          +

    +           |   +----CARSPRITE -----+     |-+                             +

    +           +---|                   |-----+                               +

    +               +                   |                                    +

    +               +                   |                                    +

    +               +-------------------+                                    +



    This shows a slight turn to the right.

    Keep in mind there are many more road sprites than this, but this should point you on the "how".

    Hope this helps,


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  • Possible, but hard :)

  • Hey and thank you jgordos / rory. I somehow expected it to be with sprites. And then draw your road further and further with each tick or something like that. Instead of how it is done now everything is drawn when the game is fully loaded. Guess its easier to look at the code (since its free for use) and improve the game through regular javascript. Instead of having to recreate everything within construct 2.

    Thank you anyways for your help :)

  • You really wouldn't need too many sprites, and even if you did a full resolution of tiles, the background doesn't need to have collisions enabled which is why tons of sprites have issues.

    All you would need to do is create the appropriate animations. NES and SNES games did it with animated tiles, but you would need a lot less of those in construct 2.

    Just cut the road into animations of the directions towards the horizon you want it to go and vary them based on the track layout. You could use an array or something to determine where the car is on the track and based on the upcoming XY of the array what is displayed.

  • There's a recent thread you might find interesting:


  • I have to say i am incredibly impressed with those examples Ramones. They really are amazing.

    Especially the mode 7 effect could achieve more or less the same effect as the example above. Though i am not sure if it would be possible to create hills with that technique.

  • Just a quick note, it might be less burdensome on resources to use Tiled Backgrounds for a lot of the static stuff, particularly the road, trees, etc. You can do a lot with backgrounds and they require far less processing power.

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