can I use popular brands name?

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  • I was thinking about making a game about social app like Facebook, kik, instagram, and twitter, oh and whatsapp! But I thought for a minute, can someone use these brands names in a game, cuz in game Dev tycoon they used similar names to sony, Microsoft, and etc.. For ezmale instead of Xbox they wrote mbox. So is it okay?

  • Satire is fine, but avoid using actual trademarked names.

    There are several items that are more famously known by their trademarked term than what they actually are - for example you couldn't have a game called Crazy Frisbee, as "frisbee" is a protected word.

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  • Dev tycoon they used similar names to sony, Microsoft, and etc..

    This is possible if there's a signed consent letter between owner of the brands and the dev. I think you are too young to handle legal matters like this, even I myself have low confidence in this. Well parodies works, for example if you spell Apple brand with Abble with a completely munched apple logo lol.

  • In short, get a lawyer.

    Even if you can't afford one, try to find someone who might be a family friend who understands legal issues. Producing an indie game as a sole proprietor instead of at least forming an LLC is opening you up to a lot of trouble if someone decides to come after you.

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