Poll: Top-Down or Isometric RTS?

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  • I'm working on an RTS mobile game, similar to classics like Age of Empires, but I'm trying to decide whether I should design it as a Top-Down (like Zelda or Pokemon) or Isometric (Age of Empires, Diablo or Clash of Clans)

    What do you all think? Do you have a preference between the two?

    (From a player point-of-view, not as a developer)

    I'm also torn between artistic styles: realistic (Age of Empires) and 'cartoon' (Clash of Clans).

    These are more open questions than anything - I'm keen to hear what people think, based on their own experiences of playing mobile games!

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  • Hello !

    For my part, I have a preference for the isometric aspect and a realistic style. I find it more attractive and it allows you to go into more detail in the visual (for my part)

  • depends if ur game really needs that isometric feel or not. or if is designed for it... for example.. you wouldn't do a "mario classic" platformer in isometric right? i mean u can... but ... outside cool looks, doesn't give much ... the important factor is ..." is it fun"? graphics helps on marketing, and targeting the proper audience... gameplay attracts everyone no matter what age... if the gameplay is fun. personally i like a good graphical feel.. so id go isometric... but is 100x more work to be done than just plain top view.

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