Poll please vote, translated games vs non translated.

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  • Hello World,

    Please as many people vote on the following question:

    As a player, when you find a game, would you rather it be translated with google translate or just left in english?

    1. Any translation is better then nothing, so yes.

    2. If google translate is the best you can do then I'd rather have it in english, so no.

    3. I would actually resent the developer for messing up my native language.

    4. I think I have a better chance of understanding things like tutorials, story, etc. if you leave them in english then if you use google translate.

    You can choose more then one answer if they apply to you, and of course add any additional comments you want. Let's try to get a decent sample size please. Thank you.

  • 5. you can add translations once you find people to help you or you have a great and nice community available

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  • Yeah..... no thanks MadSpy . I've learned(the hard way) that if you wait around for other people to help you(with the more serious stuff like graphics, music, etc.) then even a simple game like Flappy Bird can take you over a year to make, loool....

    So from now on I'm just gonna stick to just asking for help on pieces of code here and there, and apart from that try to do everything else myself in the fastest way possible....

  • You can use Google translate if you have notions of the target language in order to improve the translation ... otherwise I sometimes preferes English lol

    So I hesitate between 1 and 2

  • 4. Definietly. Sometimes I have to use google translate and I always struggle minutes before I get what this thing tries to tell me. At least for long sentences. Maybe it will work for short expressions in tutorials but I don't think it is useful for story elements.

  • 4. I understand english much better than google translation to my native language (finnish). On the other hand, if the original language is something else than english, then it should be translated to english.

    English is the most widely understood language in the world and I don't think there are too many gamers without at least elementary english skills. However, it depends on target audience. If you are making a kids game, then translations to other languages are far more valuable.

  • If it's in English, leave it in English - better than google translation.

    The only way I think that a google translation may be better is in case of Japanese or something, where though stupid, I may at least have some understanding of what is going on and can remember options I've selected.

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