please give some comment on my game

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  • hi there. i love construct but i've just finished a different game so i post it off-topic. it is browser online its totally free i just need your ideas on how to make it better cause i really appreciate the creativity of construct-2 users.


    Website: squarecity . co

    Genre: Multiplayer Strategy

    Implementation: PHP server (Yii Framework) + Node.js + Socket.IO, client on HTML + CSS + JS


    Simple browser strategy about real economy . You can take out loans to buy food , rent a home , build houses , cafes, restaurants and provide services to other players. The city is limited and all the money flow from player to player due to income / expenses. The goal is to become the richest man in town. You can get wealthy using smart pricing policy, advertising your establishments, by collaborating with other players, and get income from depositing rates and sales.

    I developed it in the last 3 months all by myself, the only thing ordered on the side are the icons of buildings for the map. Now the game is open for beta testing. Any feedback about errors, suggestions and questions are welcomed.

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  • i'm also gonna create analytics personal pages and some multidesign to make buildings look different and unique

  • As a 1 man team work it looks impressive... but what's the website? I tried and there's nothing there.

    Anyway, keep up the good work!

  • Nice work add more images and a demo or game intro.

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