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  • Hi all,

    I've been curious lately about the best way to achieve more detailed 2d platform graphics. I understand various different ways to approach designing graphics such as tilemaps, objects with different graphics on each frame etc, but for example take a game like Electronic Super Joy, lots of platforms within the game have jagged edges and bits hanging off.

    I know that's not perfectly explained, essentially I am talking about how you would achieve terrains like the image below vs something that is visually made up of very obvious square tiles, is it just lots of different tiles? Large single objects? Still images as the level background etc? I'm not sure what the best method is?

    If anyone has any thoughts on the subject I'd love to hear them


  • For the trees it's basically 2 objects, just resized, and at different angles.

    The terrain is most probably a tilemap. I would guess the number of tiles to be around 16.

    No idea on the background. It could be one big image, or a composite.

    You have to be careful when working with pixelart as it does not take to being rotated, and resized.

    Which explains the choice in graphics here fairly well.

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  • shite that electronicsuperwhatever looks a bit too much like me game X(

    So what you talking about, the starshaped treeleaves or the bw stuff? both of them are easily achieved with c2...

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