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  • Hi guys, I wanted your suggestion on a platform game i am about to make.

    Should i make it like one long layout probably 3000 pixels wide or should i make the background and the floor appear by coding?

    I prefer going the coding way but i have seen people make long layouts for example in contra style games. What is recommended by you guys? I feel coding you have have more variety plus it can be a continuous game play like the game "Ski Safari" for eg.

    Can you guys shed some light on this? i am really new to this..sorry for my bad explanation.

    Thanks in advance.

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  • You should definitely not make a graphic that is 3000 pixels long.

    What you need is the brandnew, outstanding tile feature :-P

  • He said he was thinking about making a layout 3000px long.

    If your doing Classic Level design. there is no reason not to make your layout 10000px wide. It's also better doing the layout way as it becomes easier to visually make level design changes.

    If you want endless. Then programmaticlly. Also keep in mind that all levels are technically programmitcally done. It's just the layout editor gives a visual representation. Keeping in mind that all objects are played by an XY value and it's only for mathematical reasons an object is ever displayed or not :)

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  • Thanks guys..i will keep this in mind!

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