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  • what do you use to plan a level before hand?

    photoshop, grid paper/sketch paper?

  • For me personally, I just make them up as I go. There are a few game curves or ways to confuse or trick the player that I will have in my mind, but I only implement them when I build the levels to see which is best. Haha I guess my approach is very amateurish, but since I am working alone, it was worked well for me.

  • It varies a bit. Some levels I'll sketch out by hand, then recreate in C2. Others aren't sketched, but I'll have the design visualized. Still others might just be made when tinkering with Construct 2.

    I find it useful to brainstorm the types of levels you want to include before you start designing them - e.g. the various gimmicks/aesthetics/etc you plan on implementing for them. That helps avoid redundancy in level design.

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  • I personally use pen & paper first. I think you should have a lot of freedom when planning a level, using a tool like construct 2 or a level editor may restrict your creativity during the initial phases of level design.

    When working with your level editor, you tend to focus on what you already have and try to make the best use of it. Using pen & paper (or equivalent like photoshop) makes it more easy for me to think outside of the box. I would often get new ideas for game mechanics while working on levels, and rarely when I'm actually building the levels in construct 2 or in a level editor.

  • I draw everything digitally and usually redraw every stage at least four to five times before I have something that I feel could work as a final version.

    I used to draw on squared paper before I went all digital.

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