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  • When you mention it I must search them in youtube first. Mario Party seems to be more suit Wii console.

    Played some Mario games title, but never finish any of those games though, don't know why.

    I prefer Mario & Luigi: Dream Team. More story with obvious objectives.

    Party game I like is Su Bomberman. Fun, simple strategy and chaotic.

    I am more puzzle & platfomer person.

  • sqiddster - Cause if you have played, do you have an idea or inspiration to make a party game with either 3D graphics using Q3D plugin or in 2D with C2? Maybe you can feature the octopus from Airscape in that game.

    Colludium - Do you have a GameCube, Wii, DS, 3DS or Wii U? Or maybe, a Wii, GC, or DS emulators? Or maybe look the game on YouTube?

    alextro - Do you have a Wii emulator in your PC?

  • Tetriser nope I don't really have the inspiration to make a party game! Those are usually just a huge collection of minigames held together by some meta. Seems like a lot of work for a small team

  • sqiddster - You're really right. But maybe you can find more experienced students to enter your team and make exactly 10 or less mini-games in the game. Make it small and simple.

  • Could definitely work, but the market for that is pretty much exclusively on consoles, something C2 isn't quite ready for at the moment.

  • sqiddster - Why don't you made it for both Steam and Nintendo eShop (since Construct 2 now supports Wii U) ?

  • Emulator yes, but spent only few minutes on it. Possible game to make for early small team maybe co-op type game. There is an example game in game dev tuts, which is created using Construct that allow more than 1 player. It's a Bomberman clone if you curious.

  • Tetriser wii U is 1/3 consoles, and has the smallest adoption by far. Steam isn't a console.

  • sqiddster - What I meant is Steam for computers like PCs and Macs. And of course, Steam has a console named Steam Machine.

  • Tetriser What I was saying is that I think party games wouldn't have much of a market on PC since you basically need at least three players and they be all must in the same room. SteamOS is definitely a thing, but it's a ways off.

    It's definitely something that could potentially work, but it's an uphill climb that I wouldn't be willing to take

  • With the C2 multiplayer capability it could be fun to make it playable online with friends. Maybe even with strangers. But usually party games are for a party/group of people in the same room to make them more fun.

    That said, it only takes two people plus some A.I.'s to have a tonne of fun on Mario Party N64

  • sqiddster - Maybe you can use the Multiplayer plugin like what Jayjay just suggested.

  • I don't believe that party games would be fun to play online at all period. They rely on the premise that all of the players are in the same room.

    Feel free to go ahead and try though, I'm not stopping you

  • sqiddster, maybe a cool thing would be a party game for two people on one computer, vs two strangers over the Internet. Like a chatroulette + Wario Ware + Mario Party game or something....

    Also makes me think of some MMO where you choose your side, play the board game and are facing random pairs of people from the other side to try and dominate the board/Monopoly style.

    But that's definitely a tonne of work and would need a good chunk of planning and design time

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  • maybe a cool thing would be a party game for two people on one computer, vs two strangers over the Internet. Like a chatroulette + Wario Ware + Mario Party game or something....

    That's a nice idea,

    sqiddster - Maybe you can implement an online 2 vs 2 party mode by using the Multiplayer plugin or a hot-seat party mode as Mario Party and it's clones are turn-based.

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