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  • I don't see why you're so hung up on me doing this... as I've said many times it's not something I'm interested in doing, but feel free to do it yourself.

  • Sorry for only hoping you sqiddster ... but not only you that I hope, I'm also hoping another developers to make party games. Cause I doesn't have consoles and I wanna have fun with other gamers, online or not online.

  • Topic closed, I've opened a new thread and make a jam about this in Game Jolt.

  • Sorry for re-opening this topic, but I've planned to add local multiplayer minigames for up to 4 players (requires gamepads to play with friends locally, but not when with CPUs) in my update to Brick Breaker X: Rescue Rush.

  • Very Good Ideas for Developing a Game. interesting Thanks.

  • Stevee07 - Sorry, but I've break the development of that for a while.

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  • I would just like to mention that there isn't really any reason why this shouldn't work on PC. The only problem is the way in which you engage other players. I think that, instead of following the typical Nintendo approach (which is sadly not really practical for an Indie making multiplayer games) you should experiment with something more along the lines of a way for a community of people to engage in competition against each other.

    Mario Party is essentially made by it's minigames, not the board itself. As sqiddster said, "Those are usually just a huge collection of minigames held together by some meta." that statement in itself is important in the context of a party game. Considering this, I think that a game that used the the User Media plugin and brought a number of people to compete against each other in a series of quick mini games would be fun. You could hold the stats of the player locally and just have them compete in a series of mini-games against random online players, on camera. It'd also strongly encourage let's plays, which would do a lot for marketting the game. As long as it's well made, I really think it could work.

    Also, just a side note, if you were to go this route, it'd probably be best to publish it to a social network, like Facebook. I don't know if anybody actually plays games on Facebook anymore, though.

  • Thanks, Maybe after I've finish Round Rotate, I'll plan for an online multiplayer party game and sent it on Facebook (if my internet connection even allows me... ).

    This topic is opened when I'm really interested with party video games similar to Mario Party, but now, I'm not really interested for a while.

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