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  • guys, i'm back with another basic question about Construct2 games: when preparing sprites, is there an "optimal" or "recommended" dimensions that i should use (eg, keep sprites 16x16, 32x32, perfect ratio like that) like some development tools out there such as gamesalad; or can you create sprites that are odd shaped (just as a random example 24x57) and not impact performance? i'm not sure what happens "under the hood" during compile/interpreter time and what "best practices" i should follow. also, as a side note, the game i'm working on should run on desk top browsers as well as mobile devices (via cocoonjs, etc)...didnt know if the device platform had any impact on the sprite dimension rendering.

    any help would be greatly appreciate.

  • There are only two guidelines that are important:

    1) Keep all images under 2048x2048

    2) Use power-of-two size textures (32x32, 64x64, 128x128 etc.) for Tiled Background objects only - for sprites, the image size really does not matter.

    Since the latest beta, the editor will warn you with a balloon tip if you ever break either of these guidelines, but it won't enforce it (you can ignore the warning if you wish, but it is strongly recommended to stay within these limits).

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  • great thanks...that's exactly what i wanted to know :-)

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