Online Single/Multi-player Board Games - Anyone?

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  • I would like to use C2 to create an online single/multi-player board game (something similar to Monopoly) with 50 spaces, 30 cards, money and a six-sided dice.

    Did anyone use C2 to create an online board game before?

    I would like to hear from you

  • I'm building an engine for a client, and currently porting it to multiplayer - works flawlessly so far.

    So can absolutely be done.

    See screenshot


    ... not pretty, it is strictly functionality (board game template that game concepts can be plugged into).

    8 players max

    Turn based play. Random dice. Auto token movement based on dice throw.

    Currently only 1 set of cards, but plan is to have 8 sets (its a template for future board games)

    Haven't built in money yet, client not sure if he wants to go that route or make it part of GUI

    But it is totally possible. It is going to take you some time as nothing is written tutorial wise that caters specifically towards this type of game, so you are going to have to figure out a fair amount by yourself using what's available and molding it to your current needs.

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  • Fantastic! Your creation has boosted my confidence in using CS2 to build online board games.

    Building an engine for the game? Are you referring to Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

  • Perhaps wrong word on my part. Template probably better word. I used engine because it can drive various board games, well that is what I am trying to do, within reason of course.

    And yes, I am planning on implementing AI, so can be a single player game too. (this is where I will probably have to employ someone as I am not very good with AI.)

    There are a number of tuts in tutorial section. Which cover token movement to cards etc

  • Looking forward to seeing your fruits of labor

  • Hey Dutoit - did you ever finish this board game template. I have been looking for one for some time and before i make a start on one from scratch wanted to know if ever finished this?

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