Old School RPG, Ultima clone: Possible?

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  • I grew up in the 80s with a C64 and loved playing RPGs on it, like Legacy of the Ancients, Questron, Ultima 4... I have been toying with the idea of making a similar RPG styled game along the lines of an early Ultima Clone. I have been writing down notes and playing around with design tests and think it can be done - visually it shouldn't be a problem to create a similar game screen as those early RPGs and transition from overmap, to towns, to dungeons, to whatever...

    However, since I new to game making and Construct 2, I don't have any experience using arrays. Before I jump further into my game testing I thought I would ask some experienced designers here, who are familiar with those old school RPGs listed above, if they thought it possible to make such a game with Construct 2. I was leaning towards a single character RPG like in Legacy of the Ancients and not a multi character RPG like the Ultima games. My mine concern is being able to control character inventories and buying/selling at shops in towns - which should be possible using arrays - correct???

    Am I crazy to attempt this?

  • Legacy of the Ancients = a bit more difficult since has dungeons that requires pseudo-3d effects... fake 3d ... there a bunch of tutorials on it but uses to much math for my taste... easier doing it in 3d directly.

    Questron And Ultima 4 = Pretty easy to make ... you dont really need any arrays... its top view as i seen on google images... didn't had a apple 2 im a '90's kid .... but caught some 80's game since im from europe ... we got the games later ...

    they should be easy for you to make them as long as you understand what your doing ...and if you have the graphics ready with c2 that should cover most of time 90% of the game... the rest is event_sheet coding

    definetly doable.. i seen some games around in forum doing similar things... go for it!

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  • Thanks for the feedback - that is exactly what my reasoning has been; that it is certainly doable. I've created a test project where I am testing my ideas, and so far everything has been working without too much difficulty. Seemed to have run into a snag when starting on my overland map, then going into a town, and then when coming back out of the town onto the overland map my character keeps appearing at its original 'start of layout' location. I know there is a way around that, perhaps with the 'persist' behavior or adding a couple global variables for X and Y local.... have to think on that....

  • GlobalVariables wold fix it for sure... or if your looking to save events since all global variables are added as events... you can use the array object and save X Y value there... whenever you leave a scene then load its position from it... for example gate-1 x1 y1, gate-2 reentry x2 y2 you can also rename them as you want

    or if arrays are to hard.. you can make a empty sprite make it global(without the persist behavior-directly from the sprite settings.) and save instance variables on it... just make sure its not deleted...

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