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  • Hi All,

    I have an odd question. A year ago or so, I purchased the GameMaker engine, but read in their license that I was not able to create games that others may deem offensive. It's not that I WANT to create an offensive game, but I don't want to break any rules if someone takes issue with where my creativity goes.

    Are there any such limitations with this engines license? I read through it, but couldn't find anything on the topic. This leads me to assume I can do what I want. But I want to make sure. :)

    Thanks all!


  • Not with C2 I believe but correct me if I'm wrong!

    If your planning to make it mobile you'll more than likely be be using Ludei and they may have a problem with it.

    "contains threats or incites violence towards individuals or entities;

    is pornographic, defamatory, libelous, discriminatory, or racially, sexually, religiously, or otherwise objectionable and offensive;"

  • Oh, that's good to know about Ludei... thanks JW!

    Hopefully you're right about C2! I admire companies that don't stifle creativity, especially based on the conditions in the quote you posted. Some people take things too seriously, and can have a problem with just about anything. It would be a shame to have to pull a game off the market, because someone found something objectionable... especially if you were lucky enough to land a gaming contract from a show like South Park (not that I have, but wouldn't that be something?).

    Thanks again for your response!


  • Welcome jefftrier construct 2

    Construct 2 has actually no limitatiosn, you could even make a porn with c2. The only problem you can get is after publishing with eg. Google Play.

    They have pretty hard conditions and limitations. They sometimes already delete Applications which containing the word "<img src="smileys/smiley35.gif" border="0">" or any racistic word.

    So feel free to develop what ever you want but don�t forget your target platforms.

    If you will ever get an gaming contract from south park(Hire me!!). I�m sure no publishing Platform will disallow your application and for sure not C2.

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  • Thanks for the welcoming. :)

    That's wonderful news about the license! ... and thanks for raising my awareness about the target platforms you guys. I hadn't considered that.

    A personal note:

    It really is too bad that we as game design artists have to be preempted by companies, rather than being allowed to take personal responsibility from those who are offended. Kudos to Scirra for allowing us to be adults. I will say, this alone gives my thumbs up for this company and product... and the fact that this creation software is the best I've used (and I'm a bit of a game engine junkie), is a double bonus!

    Now I can breath easy and just let my mind go, for better or for worse. :)


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