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  • Hello every one! really excited to say I am making a game inspired by Line Zen,Into the circle and Bullet boy. and the idea I came up with is really unique.The obstacles and the levels are really unique. And to make this game interesting and amazing I really need Your Help.

    One thing I am trying to do is making the duplicates of the same object and enabling their behaviors at different time. For example like in Line Zen Game

    Time period in the video 1:05-1:09 , 1:27-1:38 , 1:41-1:45.

    Like they made the obstacles Activate(Rotate,Vertical Movement) one after the other.And few of obstacles in the game I am making needs same effect. I have tried few things but could not achieve it.So If You can help me with this I am Purely Thankful to You .

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