how do i make 2 object combine and make a new one

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  • Dear friends

    first of all i am new to Construct 2 system, i have read the tutorials and everything, it looks very promising and simple,

    i have a question before i purchase the business version of this program.

    i am planing to make a game like doodle god or alchemy element game,

    is it possible to make a game something like this ?

    if it is possible is there any tutorials or sample or file that i can see the basics of the events to have an idea?

    Thank you for your helps in advance

  • Construct 2 should be able to make any kind of 2D game. So it should be possible to make that kind of game you linked to.

  • but is there a guide or at least a way to show how can i start and what can i use to combine these objects and make another object?

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  • There's not an actual guide on how to do this specific game.

    What you need is break it down, guess how it was made and implement it in C2.

    To do that you need first to be comfortable with using C2 and what programming tools it brings you. This is done by reading the manual, the tutorials and making small examples/experimentations/games first.

    A quick analysis, it's basicly a match game, you input two "elements" and see if they match, "unlocking" a new element.

    So "behind the scenes" you probably have arrays containing the datas for the elements (what other element the actual element mixes with and what element does it gives).

    Checking the examples in the how do i FAQ in the sections "Arrays" should get you a level start about arrays and how to use them.

    Keep reading the available tutorials and experiment, this is the best way to achieve your game.

    Also moving this to the "Game design" part as it is not as much the different breaking of the mechanisms that you appear to be in need of than how to technicaly implement them.

  • thank you for this prompt response , i have read the manual and go over the beginner tutorial couple of times, i am kind of a designer and i just wanted to combine my design skill with a simple game.

    i will check the arrays and see if i can come up with something

    again thank you

  • gokhansancar

    In response to your PM here is an example with some concepts that will help.

    The item grouping was easy, each item has a variable that indicates what group it belongs to. I used variables targetX and targetY to indicate where the object should move to gradually. The rest was a bit of math to position the objects in a visually pleasing manner.

  • u are awesome, thank you so much

    that will help me a lot to finish up my game

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