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  • So, I've been thinking recently about making a non-violent platformer without combat. So far the only ideas that come to mind seem to be platform based adventure / puzzle games. Should the player collect something? Should the challenge be in level design and getting to places? How to reward the player and for what?

  • Platformer games use enemies just as obstacles to reach a target, not using them removes one kind of danger, like how the danger of falling has been removed on most platform games, in this kinds of games you give the player the reason to find a way to get to the other side and why that is not an easy task, the character has this special ability that allows them to overcome this obstacles in a way, it could be a special kind of jump that requires great timing, but it is important to also find out what the obstacle is, so a mechanic can be added.

    When you refer to no combat, does it remove evasion of obstacles, and any other kind of danger, a deathless game?

  • When I mean no combat I mean no fighting, not even jumping on enemies or using traps to kill them. No killing but I think it would be OK if the player fell down the pit or something.

    Now that I think of it one option would be to have enemies and some limited fighting in order to "heal" them, like they did in "Sailor Moon" (the only example that comes to mind).

  • I have seen some videos about non combat games, some platformer examples where bit-trip runner, vvvvvv, super meat boy (is violent but you don't fight anyone), flow, portal (first person puzzle plataformer shooter... there was someone who made a portal base labyrinth platformer game here just don't remember what it was called), one called and jet it moves, to name a few.

    Basically is about plataformer mechanics and the goal, for example the character could be some kind of nature daemon (god send), that needs to reach areas in order to restore the land after some weird event turned into a wasteland, restoring certain areas will change them allowing for improvements on its jumping skills to reach further.

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  • you can take a look at totem

  • [quote:2i04f2ea]...


  • Oirad dropped a few good non-combat platformers. There's also Vector on iots and android. It's an endless runner. I think the game Waking Mars is another game you might want to look at. I haven't played it entirely but it is very low on action and about managing this subterranean Martian plant ecosystem.

    Check out "Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons" also! That's a 3D platform puzzle game with a touching story. Another game I can think of echochrome on the PSP and PSN. That's more of a straight up puzzle game I think. There's also Thomas Was Alone on the PC, PS3, Mac and Vita. Check out Pretentious Game too. It's tough coming up with non-combat platformer games. The ones that do exist out there are probably Platform/ Puzzle games so that's a good combo idea. Platform/ Rhythm game is another genre combination that could maybe work. Kind of like how Patapon is a 2D strategy/ rhythm game.

  • A puzzle platformer is what comes to mind for me, but that doesn't seem to be what you want.

    As oirad said, a game just needs a way to get from point A to B, but how it is done is up to the designer and player

    Branching paths, gravity changes, walking up walls, hidden paths, and controlling the environment also come to mind when discussing nonviolent platformers. I too wish to develop a nonviolent platformer. And this thread just helped me brainstorm ideas.

    Thank you.

  • Any new thoughts on "none combat games"?

  • What about politic or religion ? You are in street, talk to someone, try to convince...

    But there are some difficulties, older are harder to convince, so you need some more buddies...

    My thoughts...

  • Visual novels or Text Adventures are options.

  • Hi PeterPlatter

    I enjoyed thinking about "physics based games" as a starting point for none combat games. And with physics based I mean having not "enemys" be the obstacles on our way to a goal that have to be overcome but stuff like weather conditions, gravity, magnetism, evolution, decay, oxygen, fire, ...

    What do you guys think about this approach?

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