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  • Hello Guys !

    I'm from Belgium so you'll notice my english is not good

    i'm new to construct 2

    Still, i'll try to explain my project to you guys

    My friend and i would like to create a game (really!!) wich would be beetween King of the dragon pass and Reigns.

    This one set in a medieval city where you run a guild of assassins/thiefs and your goal is to control all the city without beeing dismantle.

    Every turn (Let's say it equal a week in the game) a random event/contract appears and you have choices to make.

    (Like there is a barbarian raid on your city : else you help the gards to defend else you take advantage of the situation to steal easily money in the streets)...

    (A widow come to ask you to kill the murderer of her husband...)

    You would have some stats ( i see three ) and every choices you make make those stats vary

    • finance (help you run the guild)
    • efficiency (influence the randomness of your choices ?)
    • and popularity (Like big contracts make you more known but make you more vulnerable and researched)

    I still need to create the lore and the city globaly to be more specific with the events

    So is it possible to make that with construct 2? i see it like a deck full of event that comes randomly with some of them that influence the nexts

    Will it be hard ?(i guess so)

    Do you have any suggestions, comments or anything to get me started/to the game in general.

    Well that's it, i hope i didnt make to much fault

    Thanks for reading


  • Thats going to be a tough game to make without proper experience. I suggest you make several smaller games to get your feet on the ground before trying to make a huge game.

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  • I'm sure it's doable with C2. Sounds like a lot of work though. And none of what you said sounds easy to me but I'm only a beginner. I don't know any games similar to Reigns or Kings of Dragon Pass made with C2. That Dragon Pass game sort of reminds me of Aviary Attorney though, a game made with C2.

    Totally different genres but both games have lots of text, dialogue, still artwork ,etc. Not really sure what kind of game Reigns is. PixelPower makes a good point. If you don't have any experience with C2, making your dream game might be a little overwhelming. Making a couple of smaller games will get your ready for your big game.

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