[New Event] Pathfinding, On Map Regen Complete

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  • Since the Regenerate Pathfinding Obstacle Map takes a brief moment to complete before the Pathfinding behavior can do it's thing (like finding a new path), would it be possible to add a new event condition that checks for when the new map is generated (ie: after clearing/adding obstacles)? I don't know how long it takes - be a second or just a mere split second - so it's ALMOST a waste of time if I'm setting a Wait action for something that could be done after a few ticks or so.

    Certainly, I don't know the particulars of how C2 calculates everything behind the scenes, but hopefully this is an option to add later.


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  • +1 for this idea.

    I use to see requests and suggestions in the "Construct 2 general" forum. Dunno if that helps making sure others see it or not though.

  • Kan: First, +100 for the Zelda logo!

    Second, your comments do help push a post back to the top of the list. Thanks for the vote.

  • No prob

    And thanks for the comment on the logo. I had made it long ago, I just never bothered changing it cause...well, you said it, it's cool!

  • Kan - With the new Zelda U title coming out, it's MORE than appropriate.

  • Rhindon : Yeah, it probably is. And I haven't even played the latest one on 3DS yet!

  • Kan - *GAAAASP* Oh, but you must! It's like going home to the SNES days, only "updated"! The new dungeons in familiar locations are a welcome feature.

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