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  • Hey everyone!

    First of all, I'm totally new to game making / programming and thus I wanted to ask if it would even be possible for me to use Construct 2 to a sufficient degree. My only experience with this kind of software was using GameMaker to create a really basic platformer but I got kind of put off since GML seemed to take a lot of effort to learn and soon after I discovered Construct 2.

    CL2 looks simple and esthetic and the 'complete' version is much more affordable than GM so I'm going to play around with it and see if I can make something happen.

    It would be great if you could inform me about some general stuff I should know about CL2. I've heard that HTML5 games might have FPS issues, is that true? I'd also be grateful if you could list some games with commercial success made in CL2, or just generally good games that I could take a look at.

    Also, my dream is to make a fairly advanced roguelike game / some mobile games in the future.

    Btw. I apologize for any possible mistakes, I'm not a native speaker.

    Thanks for reading!


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  • Welcome to C2. You'll find you can do really powerful things even as a beginner, but you will still be learning after years. Yes there are games with commercial success. But first, take the time to really search the forums (e.g. for 'performance' and other things you want to know about) and have a good read. When someone asks 'is it possible... ?' the answer is nearly always 'yes'. Good luck.

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