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  • On 2013, 28 of September, I just uploaded a breakout-style game, Brick Breaker X to Kongregate.

    Now on this year, I'm planning to make a sequel to the game. I have drawn the sprites for the bricks, the ball and the paddle. This sequel is based on the concept of Gameloft's Block Breaker series, but with a cute cartoon theme.

    Now I need ideas for the falling items and stage designs.

  • - how about an underwater level, a haunted house level, a castle level, a space level, and cavern level?

  • Manley23 - Nice level ideas, how about the items?

  • If you like Manley's idea why not make the items level specific? In the underwater level have some fish species, maybe an old rusted anchor, sunk&lost viking galleon, etc. Haunted house put some ghosts in, some ectoplasma, bloody axe. And so on...

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  • Good ideas for a sequel to Ayn Rand's Anthem?

  • VIKINGS - Thanks for the great idea, but what I mean is the falling items. Which comes from a damaged brick in a Breakout game.

  • Laser, and if caught same pow-up twice then two lasers, automatically or manually shooting the bricks every couple of seconds. Bigger ball. Bigger several balls. Ball that destroys bricks in one touch. Ball that shoots lasers. Ball that on touch with a brick multiplies. Wider platform. Two platforms. Three platforms. Slower ball. Faster Ball. Explosive ball. Faster platform. Slower platform. No walls - ball loops on exiting the layout on sides. Safety net. ETC

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  • Thanks megatronx, awesome powerup ideas. And I'm actually want to make this game as a free-to-play model.

    I prefer Desura as I can't use Steam Greenlight yet (my Steam account still limited).

    Should I make my breakout game showing the level/stage from the front view or from the top-down view?

  • 1. more than one player at a time,

    2. play in 3d,

    3. play in time with different scenarios ( far west, medieval, future ).

  • 2. play in 3d,

    3D? Did you mean isometric or parallel view?

  • Isometric would be fine, as 3D becomes more complicated.

  • Thanks for the idea iceangel, but I want to make a breakout game.

    Also, an isometric breakout game may be so complicated to be created.

    I'll prefer a top-down view for my game.

  • Well, i'm impatient to play "the great escape" breakout game

  • I made this a while back.

  • Well!, and why not a mix of arcade game pang!

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