Need Idea for recognizing animal game for education

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  • hello guys i need an idea about the story for my game. Its about recognizing animal game for kids.

    feel free to share your idea thanks

  • sounds always work, like in lots of children songs

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  • Hmm, you ask for a story? This is tough, most children don't really follow a storyline (just watch "Blue", there is no story at all, but tries to teach different languages to very small children).

    An I dea I had some time ago, but never did (feel free to use it):

    The Animals gone missing (can be on a farm, in the jungle or whereever) and only their shadows are left behind. You are able to bring back the Animals associating the shadows with the animals noises (could be either by clicking while the animals noise is played or maybe have a soundbank and you have to drag/drop the individual sounds on the correct shadows). If the sound fits to the shadow, the animal appears again.

  • thanks mate but my game is for learning english as foreign language. So its just recognzing animal name in english but adding sound will be great too

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