I need a game idea, like adventure or simulation

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  • Hi to all. First of all, I should say that I'm not a construct 2 user, also I ve no idea about it. But I've read a little in forums that even if you don't know coding you can develop games, which I didn't like. I highly recommend to anyone even to learn at least the basics of one programming language. ( just my opinion)

    I ve learned visual basic years ago. Then continued with c++, and now studying c# because I use monogame to create games. This all is nothing. Why I'm writing is that, except a 3d game I ve learned and did much on making games. Many I created. But I need an idea which won't be a large game but an endless game. Or a simulation one that has endless endings. In 80s there was a game simearth which I died to play. Can you share your ideas about an adventure or simulation game? What would make players addicted to play the game?

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  • Something with a generative ruleset maybe? Maybe a "cellular automaton" like the Game of Life:


    Create some simple rules, and now you have a game that adapts to the players an is open-ended.

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