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  • Hello good people of this forum, we are quite new to the world of game dev and my friends and I are currently creating an RPG. Saddly we are a small group which is why we need your help, may you be a coder, a designer, a writer , a artist, or even a gamer with ideas !

    For those interested I will now pitch the game :

    Our story begins in a museum, an art museum to be exact. In this museum, every character of a pictural piece of art is alive (but only to the other characters not to the visitors, in a Toy Story way if you want). The building is organized in numerous sections corresponding to a certain type of art or to a time period, for example :

    • Ancient Egypt
    • Middle-Age
    • Modern Cartoon
    • Renaissance
    • Pixel Art
    • etc.

    But no character can leave there own section since they can only travel on something that is art.

    The game begins when a young boy brings a black marker to the museum and while his parents aren't looking he starts drawing on every wall of the museum.

    Since it can be considered as art those drawings are now new ways to travel across the museum through the different sections.

    Our hero is a young boy/girl from the modern cartoon section, who wishes to understand the source of those gateways and new characters. He travels through the different sections, meeting new people, discovering new art styles, and defeating more of the evil characters unintentionally created by the kid with the marker.

    The first sidekick we meet is a wizard from the Middle-Age section. He is a fairytale style wizard (robe, pointy hat, etc.), he can do cool magic, he is funny, and he will more often resolve his conflicts by rapping than by using his powers. So imagine a half wizard half gangsta (We imagined a rap battle at some point with a gameplay close to guitar hero).

    The second sidekick we meet is a cat with human form. He comes from the Ancient Egypt section and was banished for wandering in forbidden parts of the exposition. He has ear rings, large desert clothes, the perfect adventurer/thieve type of character. He is agile, has charisma but is quiet and is, in the end, a happy and loving person.

    The gameplay would be close to the one in Undertale, except that the fight system would be more similar to the one in an arcade type game like Zelda or Bastion.

    The interesting part of the design is that every section of the museum is drawn in the style of the section : cartoonish for modern cartoon, wall painting for Egypt, calssical painting for Renaissance, you get the idea !

    I hope this pitch makes you want to join us in our epic quest !

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