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  • Please don't headbutt the table if i miss something obvious.

    I would like to do something like this :

    When players start the game, the game sends his/her IP to a mysql database. (all that would be needed is a function/object that determines the IP, everything else could be done by AJAX & http request)

    The game reads the IPs from the database (e.g. via AJAX http request) and establishes a Connection and Shares data. (Object that connects and sends data to other IPs

    would be required)

    Advantages i see are, that there would be no signalling server required, multiplayer games could be created with normal webspace , players could play independent of whether there is a host.

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    Why did you delete this post then re-add it exactly as before?

    If you are trying to bump your post up again then just add a reply with 'bump' in it.

    It is perfectly acceptable to bump your own thread after 24 hours if no answer has been forthcoming, or your post has dropped off the first page.

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  • It was in the "How do I" Forum before -

    i think it fits better here - that's why i deleted it there and posted it here.

    What do you think about my Idea ?

  • IP addresses are not unique per person/device. That won't work I'm afraid.

  • Well, then maybe username+IP -

    oder just the Information that a Player sends to the signalling Server - it's just about getting a peer to peer Connection without anything in between.

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