(Multiplayer Ideas!) Loot Players + Unique Items

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  • Slowly.. slowly working on my Multiplayer Rpg :)

    Here are two ideas, and id like some feedback ^^

    1. Looting a Killed Player.


           In my Opinion this would be both Frustrating and exiting :)

           Rather then just die->respawn.. I would think of perhaps a

           "value-system" where you could Loot your kill for a amount of

           points defined by a talent called something like "Thievery"..

           So you wouldn't loot all items, but just a few, OR

           spent points in the "Thievery" Talent Tree.

    2. Unique Items


          My idea here was that some items are NOT just randomized drops      

          like current RPG's work. But instead, a Dungeon Boss will Drop a    

          Great Weapon and it will then be passed on by killing the owner or   

          trade, and if the Owner is offline for to long, the Item will      


    (3.) Additional Idea


         I have heard this idea is similar to Ultima Online.. Not tried that

         game yet :)


         Instead of Levels, you gain Talent Point that you can spend into   

         Various Talent Trees and Professions, making your Character very   


         Personally I prefer a semi split between classes, so that not every

         Class can learn Everything.. (Unlike for example Skyrim)

         So a Mage cannot become a warrior (Or at least not with the same   

         skills) And a Warrior will not learn Powerful Magic abilities.

    Your thoughts <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle" /> ?

  • Your making this in construct? And by multiplayer you mean online right?

    It sound amazing imo.


    The looting system sounds cool. This allows players to invest talent points in thievery if they like getting extra loot. Of course they would be sacrificing other talents but they would probably be the richest in all the land.

    2. unique items.

    I like the idea of a weapon or item sort of being extremely scarce. I haven't seen this before. In world of warcraft usually everyone gets a chance to get the sword of doom or something. I bet you would have bounty hunters trying to track down people lol.

    3. Talent points

    Having talent points instead of levels sounds pretty cool. But how would you get more talent points? Ssually a player levels up and gets increased stats or points of some sort to be used. You could give the player talent points if they kill a specific monster or do a task. In pokemon they have a system called EV training where you can grind on a specific enemy to gain its attributes. Of course in your game you could allow the player to do various duties to get stronger in a given area.

  • Thx for the Comment

    Construct Users have made some pretty nifty Plugins to use Multiplayer :)

    Most likely I will have to learn some python to specify things or request it from the users who made the plugins. (Until C2 starts supporting multiplayer by itself)

    My first idea was to let people "level up" with a classic levelling bar.. but instead of levels they gain talent points.

    But yes.. I had a similar idea.. it was mostly around "resistances" and where I though it would be nice if "killing spiders" would give you a poison resist eventually.

    all subject to be changed around since I first need my website before I begin working seriously on this again.

  • In my humble opinion, if you're looking to do something innovative and interesting in terms of multiplay then you should probably look beyond minor details such as point distribution and instead try to bring something fresh and interesting to the table with the game as a whole.

    I think there's a lot that could be done with the MMO genre (and especially in HTML5 format), so why not try to approach "MMO" from a more interesting perspective rather than inherently adopting already established concepts (leveling, exp, talent points, killing spiders etc).

    Construct is your blank canvas, so why not treat it as such? :-)

  • Hehe, feel free to share some ideas on that if you got some ^^

  • I think such as Bolosaur you need fresh ideas ... adapt a system to a concept and not use classic rpg ones again and again.

    An example : making a aquatic rpg ... in classic rpg you die if staying too long in water but here this is reverse ..., all characters and creatures all live in water, so going to surface = dying ... it's just a idea like another to show the "concept" importance ...

  • Sounds awesome, so far.

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  • Die -> loosing everything you have and lvl -> respawn

  • Why bnot called looting?

    Mount and blade is fun.

  • ? what :)

  • I had an idea I like that popped in my head while reading above. How about you have a top row of inventory that is lootable. All other slots are locked until you put something in the lootable slots. The value of the item that can be looted determines how many slots you unlock.

    So if you want lots of inventory, you have to risk valuable items.

    I may use that one day... <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle" />


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