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  • So about 2 years ago in the midst of managing a really crappy real estate software product line I realized that I was done playing online games and wanted to build them. I had no coding experience, some drawing skill but really nothing but thousands of hours of game experience from Ultima Online to World of Warcraft. When I first arrived here at Scirra I wished for a multiplayer framework and now that it is here I am ready to reveal my "big idea" and hoping that as a community we could pull together to build a unique game.

    So what is Mozaic? It's a 2d top down survival craft game with MOBA style fighting, procedurally generated world. Think Rust + Minecraft or if your familiar something VERY similar to Haven and Hearth.

    What makes this game different than every other MMO survival game?

    1. it's built on construct!

    2. the game is all about crafting, everything in the world including the ground is interactive.

    3. Mozaic is the underlying story of the shattering of the "mozaic" with 100 pieces being embedded into the procedurally generated world once the Mozaic is returned (yes think Tri-Force in Zelda) something amazing will happen. This meta game will push exploration and trading.

    4. I want to try and create a series of master hosts using the peer multiplayer system to see how many concurrent users can be on a single peer before stuff gets wonky (science)

    5. It's a great crowdcoding opportunity because it has a ton of moving parts.

    If people would consider buying in I am more than willing to buy a server / heroku / couchbase for JSON storage / JIRA for tracking and whatever else we might need.

    Call me crazy.

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