Monster Rancher Clone (Hear me out!)

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  • I am 25. I grew up on games like Monster Rancher, Dragon Seed, Digimon, and (obviously) Pokemon.

    People love the idea of customization. People love the idea of having something unique (ego), powerful (ego), and recognizable (ego). When I was a kid I loved Monster Rancher because you could raise your monster the way you wished, battle it (offline), and scale the ranks. You could be somebody, even if you were really an offline nobody.

    In Pokemon, people loved having a powerful Pokemon other than the starting 3 or 4, because they wanted to be unique. Same with Digimon, etc. GTA, for example, allows people to do things they want they want, and it's a hit!

    Monster Rancher has died, but it was the most fun creature battling game ever made. I propose a similar clone of it.

    Clone it. Before I become competent enough to.

    People will love to mix monsters, fight them online, gain fame, power, renown. Simply put, that's it.

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  • I agree. It's just a matter of realising your capacity to code and do art extends only so far at the current point in time. What kill projects is when people expect themselves to make something that is like a AAA studio made it, but they come out with 'hello wor...hello pokemon!' and some buttons that make numbers go up.

    Make sure that you appreciate and love what you can make, even if it's not as pretty as the AAA studio stuff.

    Just trying to give some encouragement to ensure you continue with the idea

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