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  • will I be able to make an mmorpg online in construct 2?

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  • you can do a mmorpg with notepad and C. In construct just learn to use the multiplayer plugin and databases.

    Now, can YOU do a mmorpg? do you understand how much work and years does it need? do you understand that mmo's main reason to subsist in the market is marketing and millons of dollars?

  • I don't think you can do the "massively" part with the Multiplayer plug.

    You can do a few hundred at most per host, and I don't think they're set up to make it easy to do game instance portals.

    There are of course other methods that would work for a mmo, most will be a bit slower however.

    Anyway better add "how much money do you have?" to "how many years?".

  • You can. Good luck! Work hard!

  • You can of course. Although, at your stage, I wouldn't count on it. We know that because you asked that question in the first place.

    You can do it by either with your own back-end or the Photon plugin for easier management.

    But yes, it will take a massive amount of time and money. Although, if you become practical enough and remove the time or money heavy consuming elements, then it really is very possible.

    Although, I recommend that you start small first. And work your way through.

    Or you could practice doing it, and fail after finishing. But probably on your next try, you can make it successful afterwards. But that requires patience since you won't earn from practicing unlike starting small.

    You can pick either the Short-Term Plan or Long-Term Plan.

  • An interesting question!

    Let me expand upon this with a few questions of my own:

    • What are the limitations of the multiplayer features in C2?
    • What platform do you and this to run on? Mobile, PC's ?
    • If it's on mobile, where does bandwidth become a limitation
    • What type of RPG are we talking about? 2D characters or more of a D&D text type of gameplay
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