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  • Hi all,

    I recently began working on a metroidvania style game as my first learning curve into the great C2 engine. Over the past week, I've started some work on song tracks and art design's to use in the project, and was hoping to hear some of your great design, art style and music ideas and feedback.

    This is a solo project (pshh I don't know anyone here XD), that I'll be working on until completion over the next few decades (lol, hopefully not). With all the wonderful game lovers on this site, and hopefully some SOTN nut's and metroid fan's hanging about, we can get some excellent creation ideas flowing! All feedback is awesomely appreciated .

    ***also here's a thread link to the project, in case i miss a update here. I'd love to here some concept ideas from everyone, or what you'd like to see. (Remove dashes on links, )


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  • I've got three threads atm going, we can close this one. I'd love to hear any idea's or feedback on the main project page though .

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