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  • hi;

    I'm working on a game using the Mario sprites which i found in DeveianArt for my 5 year old son. The idea is to make it educational by adding a story which he will learn something from, base the gameplay on finding letters, numbers or solving puzzles which require those letters and numbers in combination with the learning aspect about the earth elements since Mario can use them or transforms into them. I already started getting amazing had a member assist me with the early stages and he advice me to move it here for better input from the community. I will continue to update this thread with rules which i find that will best fit the game overall idea. I would like to clarify that my son is the project manager behind the world design, the sound and other strange things you will find in the game.

    This is what I currently have

      1] Preview Holding down SHIFT = Run Arrow keys = Movement

    Major Things Currently Need it::

    Currently working with the changes provide by alextro


    Nothing for now


    Design and Story: My 5 Year old son

    Gameplay: Me

    alextro picking up items and put them in their correct order

    alextro Move Letters to Animations

    alextro code which displays the word at the beginning of the stage for a few seconds then they spread

    alextro pickup item counter

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    Please re-upload the file as an attachment within your post, since I can't acces the capx.

    I tried the preview and it seems the player move relative slow. Too slow for most platformer games.

    So before the player can actually moves, Letters are assembled at first place. Then they are moving to assigned destination. Correct?

  • Hi alextro, I made the correction requested and double checked the link to download the .capx, it should work now as plain text.

    and to answer your question that is correct, the letters are assembled at the beginning of the stage and then moved to the assigned destination.

  • So, I decided to try to somehow leave the current sprite animation as is, but make another Sprite with a single letter and pin+angle upon pick up instead of the current sprint which has all the letters while destroying it...have had no success as of yet but i think i'm getting there...

  • Here the link: ... _edit.capx

    I made each letter had their own animation name, maintain them in one single sprite.

    Instead called them ani1, ani2, ani3, ...etc, I called them 1ani, 2ani, 3ani,...etc make it easier to be red as integer.

    Watch those letters assemble & dissasemble <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_biggrin.gif" alt=":D" title="Very Happy">

  • can't wait to try this when I get home...thnx alextro

  • Hi alextro that worked great!!!!!!! thnx, I was also able to figure out how to trigger an animation for specific letter during the pickup event, going to have some fun editing the stage now. will keep you posted.


  • quick update, thnx to alextro, i am having so much fun playing with the different words, and world idea is pretty crazy. Once all the holiday things settle i should be able to focus on the game development more.

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  • Me too. Working on optimizing codes is tend to explore more possibilities & efficiency. Manipulating some blocks of codes & inspect what is being affected also give certain enjoyment.

  • glad your finding this fun alextro, i have tons of other games with unique gameplay in mind....which you might also find interesting :0p

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