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  • The main problem is the sprite making for my games.I don't like the online free sprites.I just want to make my own.

    If I were to make a realistic but pixel sprite in paint,it would take almost a day.

    Game maker editor is amazing,but it's not that much.

    So What do you recommend?

    P.S, Paint sucks.You can't make transparent things with it.)

    Also,I want to draw with mouse.

  • The only thing in can say to you is practice daily and study the works of pixel artist you admire while using real life references. It used to take me the whole day to just get a character with a walking cycle done but now i can get two characters done along with some tiles complete in the same time span.

    There are a lot of programs out there solely used for pixel art (graphics gale, asperite come to mind atm). Also get used to thinking in COLOR and FORM. Very important when it comes to pixel art. Pretty much just find yourself a program that suits you and start spriting!

  • Ok.I've installed graphics gale,but it's trial. :(

    However,I know many ways to overcome that :P.

    Anyways,I will start working on it tomorrow.

    Thank you

  • Graphic gales previous version is provided as a free version, no need to "overcome that".

  • Gimp is great for making sprites.

    Inkscape(vector graphics)is great for logos, illustrations, etc.

    Both of the programs are free.

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  • My main graphics program is Paint.NET. If you think there is a feature missing, then there is probably a plugin for it.

    And, just a few days ago, I wrote a short blog post about the spritesheet plugins I use. One allows you to create a spritesheet from all your visible layers. The other plugin allows you to easily split a spritesheet into individual images.

  • I've always been torn between Graphics Gale and Paint.NET. On one hand, GG has a really great GUI specifically designed for creating pixel art, and it has that really awesome zoom window (for which there is NO plugin in Paint.NET) and built-in AVI exporter.

    On the other hand, Pain.NET is great for lots of different kinds of graphics, and has a really shiny GUI with tons of graphical features.

    So depending on the sprites you want I'd say it's between GG and Paint.NET. I've tried GIMP but it never caught my interest and all I was left with was frustration.

    So it comes down to:

    Any sort of pixel-specific art - Graphics Gale

    Any other art - Paint.NET

  • Si its decided.I will use Graphics Gale.

    Thank you.

  • I would recommend Paint.NET (That's what I use) because its simple and can get just about any graphic job you need done.

  • Yeah,after trying both,I use Paint.NET for my graphics and Graphics gale for converting to icons.

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