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  • Hello!

    So since I got into C2 toying around making my own stuff from art to the game itself thanks to C2 my girlfriend who likes to draw wants to make her own game for fun and asked me to help her.

    She wants to make characters Dont Starve-like a little bit dark and sketchy kinda like Tim Burton.

    So I told her that she might have to do it in vectors and she knows nothing about that, she mainly uses paint tool sai and she's learning photoshop right now.

    Can she actually do sprites in Photoshop or does it need to be either vector or pixel art for C2? I know it can work, just wondering if is going to be an issue to use bitmaps.


  • I haven't played the game but from screenshots the Dont Starve images appear to be hand drawn sketches probably done on a Wacom drawing tablet in photoshop, or maybe hand drawn on paper and scanned in, it's definitely not vector art. It Also looks like 2d in 3d engine which gives it that extra paper cutout effect.

    I'm not sure what you mean when you say she needs to do it in vectors, are you confusing Construct with Flash?

    Anyway Construct doesn't support vector art directly. How you make the image and in what software doesn't matter as long as it saved in a file format that Construct supports like png or jpg.

    She could always draw the character as separate parts like head, body arms and use Spriter to animate it.

  • Thanks Ethan, that was the answer I was looking for. Appreciated

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  • Ok.

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