Making JavaScript Interface with Construct-2 ?

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  • The interface to the game platform will be via a javascript framework which will provide functions for

    essential functions such as data requests, and game results (number of questions correct and incorrect).

    If you have a good reason, you may request to interact directly with the server using JSON-based web

    service requests, instead of using the javascript framework.

    In addition, at appropriate intervals you must pass information back to the server. This includes length

    of time playing, score, and correct and incorrect items.

    If you are selected you will receive the detailed JSON interface. To help you with building and estimating

    this game, we have provided the following pseudocode JSON description:









    “QuestionType”:<”text” or “image” or “audio”>,

    “AnswerType”:<”text” or “image”


    I have right now CallJs Plugin which allows to call javascript in Construct-2 ..... My Question is that Can I make Javascript Interface of game Using CallJs or whatever on Construct-2

  • Use the Javascript SDK to make a plugin.

  • Thanks Ashley. I was also thinking about that.

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  • Chotu

    As Ashley said, you could make a plugin to do that.

    This plugin is a command parser - read data, then call official function plugin (in your plugin). So that you could provide another text-type interface to control the events.

    This is an example which could control events by a csv string.

    source code of this plugin

  • rexrainbow

    Agreed, Thanks for assistance. I am thinking about that. I am highly impressed by forum assistance, Senior developers even scirra developers are available for help.

    I will figure it out. If i am get stuck then again i will need advice.

    Thanks again.

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