Making a game only for gamepads?

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  • Hi.

    I'm developing a local multiplayer party game right now and have only made it playable with the gamepads. The game is getting pretty serious now and me and my friends play it all the time. So I really want to finnish this but I can't see how I would be able to add keyboard and mouse controls to the game now. It just is too complicated when the game has been built from the ground up with gamepads in mind controlling different characters

    Do you think you can have a game with only gamepad support on Steam? Now I wish it was possible to publish games on Playstation and Xbox

  • Many 2D games, especially beat em ups, don't feel right with keyboards. Any game that uses analogue over digital input (such as some platformers) also feel better with a controller.

    The best way around it is to recommend players use a gamepad, but offer fully rebindable keys for keyboard players, so if they must play with keyboard, they can do so in their style.

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  • Elliott I agree but that is my problem. My game is built so when controller one is connected you get assigned and control player one. The same goes for controller 2, 3 and 4.

    I tried to add a keyboard controller option but that makes the keyboard control player one and if you then add a gamepad the gamepad also controls player one. So I haven't found a good solution how to make it work in a good way.

    If I had thought of this from the beginning it had been a no brainer but I'm so far into the project with alot of layouts and I don't know how to implement it now

  • Anonnymitet - Why don't you use "Has gamepads" condition to check if a gamepad is connected? Also, use the GamepadID parameter to check the ID of the connected gamepads, more info at

  • Tetriser I know but that is not the problem. The problem is to set upp all my events so the keyboard can be used. This is a very complicated process with a 4 player game and my coding was not optimal in the beginning when I set up the controls. So that is why I was so afraid of implementing the keyboard controls.

    But I've finally made it work and now one player can use the keyboard as well

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