Makin' an Point and Click RPG hybrid, drop ya ideas here.

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  • Heya! I'm making an Point and Click Adventure (You know, like Fran Bow, Pajama Sam, you get the idea?) that has RPG elements like in Pokémon and Mario & Luigi.

    It's about a little girl named Terry, a sweet as sugar 11 year old and as tough as a rose quartz (Heck, she even knocked a bully out with a broom), who wakes up in a boarding school after her parents got framed for something the night before. Knowing something's not right; she plans on escaping the boarding school and setting things right... But, escaping the only remaining reform school (She doesn't even DESERVE to be in one) in town (and the rest of the world) won't be easy....

    Bullies... REALLY nasty teachers (Good news, there's only 1 that fits that description!), living and murderous normal dolls, and strange traps and puzzles would make sure she stays in... Whenever she wants to or not.

    Oh, and expect slapstick and comedy! Like in Twinsanity. Here's a lil' screenshot, too!

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