Maintainig motion on adjustment of gravity angle.

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  • It seems most gravity based platformers run into a common obstacle: maintaining smooth motion w/ changes to the angle of gravity. If you're not familiar, you have the option to adjust the angle of gravity for your player performing platform based motions. For example, i may want to adjust the gravity angle upwards (-90/270 deg.) if my player fancies walking on the ceiling, whereas the traditional is preset downward (90 deg.), the floor. Simple enough, well here's the catch: however we may choose to turn that angle of gravity, at that point, the gravity is altered, and the relative speed of the player is altered to match the new change in gravity. For example, i program the angle of gravity to flip 180 deg. when a player gets close enough to the ceiling so he may walk on it, but the results are a rebound effect; this is b/c of the jump speed (& direction w/ the angle) being carried over after the new change in gravity has taken effect.

    We have figured out that adjusting the Y vector, along w/ a few other actions, solve this problem. However, the motions are choppy w/ platforms that are approached at an angle adjustment other than 180, or varying gravitational values based on distance.

    This may be difficult to grasp, but if you have ever made a serious attempt at a grav. based platformer, you have most likely encountered this issue. May we introduce a platform behavior option to maintain the same motion when the angle of gravity is adjusted?

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