Ludum Dare 30 (Theme: Connected Worlds)

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  • Ludum Dare 30 (August 22nd - 25th)

    Ludum Dare is an accelerated game development event held every 4 months. Thousands of developers create games for two concurrent competitions taking place over 1 weekend. Full competition rules can be viewed on Ludum Dare's webstite, but here's a summary:

    • 48 hours long
    • You must work alone
    • You must use the competition theme
    • All game content must be created within the 48 hours, with a few exceptions (see full rules)
    • Publicly available libraries and middleware (e.g. Construct 2) are allowed
    • Source Code must be included when submitting
    • 72 hours long
    • Work alone or in teams
    • All creation tools are allowed

    At the end of the weekend, entrants rate each other's games for 3 weeks. Winners are announced at the end of the rating period. Here are a few things you may find useful/interesting:

    Previous Ludum Dare (LD29) info:

    Ludum Dare Survival Guide

    - Great tips, especially if this is your first Ludum Dare.


    - A nice collection of popular tools used by many Ludum Dare participants.

    Ludum Deals

    - Software discounts and offers specifically for Ludum Dare 30.

    Rules and Guide Re-written for Maximum Clarity

    - The official rules can be ambiguous at times. This post does a great job clarifying things.

    On a personal note, I've found these competitions to be a great experience. Testing my game creation abilities, under tight conditions, with a strict deadline, is a wild ride. Making it to the end, and submitting a game provides a great sense of accomplishment. Also, the LD community is one of the friendliest I've seen. I hope to see many of you participate.

  • I'm in for the next Ludum Dare. Actually, I can't wait. I'm surprised I'm on that list. That's so cool!

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  • I might give this a shot...gotta check the schedule

  • Theme voting has begun.

  • I'm gonna do it

    This will be my first game jam

    I am excited


  • Sadly it falls right in the middle of my uni work for me, so I won't manage to join in on this one, but I should have plenty of free time for LD31 in December! Good luck to everyone planning to take part, and have fun!

  • Final round voting started.

  • My very special "I'm In" video:

    Good luck to everyone!

  • zatyka haha! love it!

    Good luck!

  • Hi there, are you as excited as me?

  • zatyka: Funny vid

    Your Luigi death stare is fierce ^^

  • Prediction : Connected Worlds?

    I wish for : Break the rules.

  • zatyka - Nice work on the video!!

    OK, pre-jam check-list completed. Family - pre-warned, coffee - stocked up, chips n dips - too many for one person to reasonably consume in a week, spare mouse battery - check....

    I'm hoping for Connected Worlds. I have no idea what I will do if it comes up, though!!

    Good luck to everyone!

  • Just about finished my last tutorial in time so I'm looking forward to my first LD48.

    Have fun all!

  • This I will be my second Ludum Dare, I am very excited about it. I am expecting to learn a lot of new skills and have fun doing it.

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