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  • Hi all,

    Is anyone else doing Ludum Dare this weekend? I know that zatyka usually does a great post for each one of these competitions, but wasn't sure if the numbers would be reduced as there is no ratings stage this time.

    Anyway I always enjoy playing any games from other C2 users, so post a link in here if you submit something and I'll check it out

  • Well I guess I'm on my own this time! Anyway got something finished, you can play it HERE

  • I'm way behind on my ludum dare-ing...

    Giving it a play! the atmosphere is fantastic. that synth sound is awesome. Am I wrong, or did it just hold 1 note for like.. forever? Genius. and then all the sudden it picked up.. got all dancey. I'm loving it!

    I tend to like your work.. I remember that one you did a while back.. rift knight... you have a way with satisfying controls. I love the little zippy teleport thing on this one..

    Anyway, super nice work!

    EDIT: PS I've been looking for people to collaborate with. I'd love to work with you on something sometime if you were interested.. you can see my random creations here:

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  • Haha yeah the music was just an E minor chord for about 3 minutes (don't tell anyone). Not sure this is the best game I've done but still fairly pleased with it. Actually Rift Knight was one of my favourites I've done in terms of mechanics, I think about remaking it into something bigger all the time, just never seem to get round to it.

    I've just had a baby so time is not my friend, but I'm not against a collaboration. Have you got anything in mind? I've worked on a lot of moody pleasant stuff, so would quite like to do something completely batshit crazy

  • I'll keep your secret, but I'm stealing that... a single flowy synth chord is such a powerful way to open a game.

    I got a couple punk kids stealing all my time too, so I can relate to that.

    I don't really have anything in mind, per se, but it's because I have so many things in mind, I can never narrow it down. I'm not particularly interested in doing something that one person is capable of, so I just end up in this feedback loop:

    Get hugely over-scoped idea.

    Realize it's way too much for one person.

    Attempt said idea, anyway.

    Create a little.

    Learn a little.

    Get really overwhelmed.

    Give up.



    It's not fruitless, though.. at some point, all these little pieces of games are bound to add together to make SOMETHING.

    Lately I've been toying with isometric world builders.. Building some toolset-type stuff, I guess. and been digging into procedural generation.. I like creating moods, limited inventories, logic puzzles in non-puzzle games, and most of all, enabling others to create. and also, long walks on the beach..

    You do moody pleasant so well, but I am interested in this batshit crazy you speak of...

    Am I wrong, or do you take a bit of inspiration from supergiant games (bastion/transistor)? I think I commented that once on one of your LD games. I'm a huge fan of supergiant's stuff.

    I think I'm rambling at this point...

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