Should I Let Players Replay Levels Already Won?

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  • Problematic?

    I have been going back and forth on this idea for a while: should I let players replaying levels they've already won or should I force them into playing the next and disable "replays"?

    About the game:

    I have a create a side scrolling space shooter that I hope to launch this week on the app store.

    The game is FREE and it will be monetized with IAP and Ads.

    Here is my train of thought:

    Player CAN Replay:


      - player can farm gold
      • if player gets stuck on a level he can still play the previous levels and enjoy the game. It's also good for ad revenue as gameplay isn't limited.
      • player can show game to their friends and make them start from the beginning and enjoy their first gameplay as they should.


      - player can farm gold so it might impact gold sales
      • player might just keep on playing the easy levels without the need to upgrade player and buy gold.

    Player CANT REPLAY


      - Forces the player to move up in difficulties
      • Force player to upgrade and use up his gold
      • Farming gold become more difficult so Gold sales may increase


      - player might not like this and uninstall the game which is bad for ad revenu and gold sales
      • negative words of mouth and reviews based on this options
      • Limits gameplay to harder levels and if player get stuck he will stop playing: no ad revenue anymore

    For now I am allowing replays because I am putting user experience first. But on the other hand, I also want to maximise my profit and I know some popular games have disabled replays.

    What do you guys think about it? If you can please share your experience, as gamers or game developers that would be great!

  • I think replays are good.

    Think of the old SNES Mario games. You could have only a few lives left and go back and get more lives/power ups and get ready for a big boss fight.

    Obviously this was a stand alone game and going back wouldn't affect anybody else but you.

    If anything if everyone can replay old levels and gain extra things(coins, etc.), then they will. So will everyone else, so it wouldn't be a big deal in my opinion. Of course I have no idea what the game is, but yeah, lol

  • You can let replays, but disable all bonus.

    Or as packer43064 said, do no bother about that and let the people play..

  • packer43064

    Thanks for your input.


    You are right, I could disable all bonuses. I hadn't thought of that. Thanks

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  • Replays on of course, you can limit the gain of coins, so you discourage the grinding or major exploitation of the coin system, however leave the high score record the new replay if higher , also if is higher instead of the normal coin reward give 5% of it... so for instance you award 100 coins per normal level give a 1-25 coins reward based on how big is the difference on replay if the player did a high score, if he didn't beat his own old high-score before he replayed give him 1 coin.

    always reward players, no matter if they lose or not, rewarding them makes them feel a bit better, then just losing stuff and or playing without a purpose even though in the cases where they lose (die etc ) you give them rep points, little time bonus exp to regain its lost exp etc etc etc...

    just make sure you dont stop rewarding people will make ur games much funnier to play and worth playing them.

    giving people in game rewards its not like your selling them a real thing... your real thing is ads... or the .99 cents fee... the options in your game are free ... you have to think of it... as a very complex package u want to sell and resell or give it for free that can be reused all the time... dont think like you sell carrots in market place... where u add ur loses on planting, the transportation and taxes for uncle Sam... thats no fun.

  • now, I have to agree with .. instead of just disabling all bonuses, you could put a system where you gain more bonuses if you beat your previous high score.. It is an interesting way of replay levels.

  • I think that players should be able to play any level they want.

    How you implement that may be the challenge, giving them less coins that the first time, I don't know, etc...

    But I, as a player, like to replay a level whenever I want to.

  • I think they should be able to go back to previous levels.

  • Thank you all guys and girls!

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