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  • Take the game "Ghost Shooter" as an example. That games aims using the mouse. Alot of people play flash/html5 games on their laptops these days, and usually just have that annoying touch pad. Any ideas how to make a game like Ghost Shooter more appealing to touch pad users?

    EDIT: Well I did consider Spacebar or Shift key to shoot/attack as possible options.

  • I think most laptop users actually do own a USB mouse on purpose.

    The only advice I would have is to design your game so it is not actively requiring the pad, or not expecting a great precision out of it, to lessen the frustration.

    Otherwise, an entry USB mouse is less than 10 � about everywhere in the world.

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  • Psh, I played Quake 3 with a laptop touchpad and won.

    But in all seriousness. If you design your game around using the mouse for aiming, chances are people that want to play it either already have a mouse, or have the means to get one.

  • Ok. That's pretty much where I was at with it. Thanks for the input guys!

  • I tried doing a bit of research on touchpads. A lot of the newer ones produce post 2010 work just like the touchscreen on a cell phone. I'm sure if there was a way to customize the output of the touchpad you could do some interesting game concepts. However, this would require, I believe a deeper understanding of the hardware and programming. Being very much outside the reach of C2 mechanics.

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