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  • Hello. Lately i got a new idea, which popped in my head, thinking of older isometric games like Age of empires or command and conquer. Back then when those games were like on top charts, I was thinking, "that would be a fine idea if i could be A person in that game. not god-like commander, but a single unit. able to walk fight and do quests". Lately i reminded that thinking and tried to find game like that. Is there anything made following that idea? I failed finding something similar. As i do not like overall full 3d rpgs and rts. There was something like that called NOX, but not exactly what i was thinking of. So i started my new idea and have a playable gameplay already, so you can follow the link and check it out. It will be more like adventure rpg game in isometric world. Got already some map travelling and first idea of a fight system.

    So if you follow the link, here are some tips and tutorials.

    by clicking mouse on map you can go there. if you are close to npc or enemy an icon above will appear. When you click that character you interact. npc will only tell you your quest, but enemy will fight you.

    fighting system looks like that:

    every character have a cooldown bar. when it reaches full, that character have its turn. Righ now there is only hit button available but got much more ideas to introduce.

    If your player underlight green, now it is your turn. press sword icon and then press enemy character. that will start your move. if enemy is full with bar, he will attack you. so you can right now kill all the wolfs in the area. there is no ending at this point and no other locations but the closest area you start the game.

    Generally i made graphics for this amount of play, rendered frames for walking and fighting and some landscaping.(moving trees, some buildings, and some variations of land)

    hope for some comments.

    fell free to check it out:

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  • The graphics is really nice! It genuinely looks like an old-school isometric rpg.

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