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  • Hello all.

    To some this may seem like a silly question but my Mum taught me that the only silly questions are the questions you didn't ask, so here goes.

    The resolution for an iPad is 1024 x 768. For the sharpest result is it best to make my graphics fit that exact resolution or is it better to double the resolution and let C2 scale it? (In either case I'll be using pixel rounding.) The reason I ask is because the game creator I've since left used to benefit from using larger pictures.

    Also, what is a good DPI for crisp graphics? I know 72 will look nice, but what's generally considered a value that provides a good balance of crispness and performance?

    Thank you!!

  • I'm a huge fan of scaling down instead of scaling up.

  • Ipad 1, 2 and mini are 1024x768. Ipad 3 and 4 are 2048x1536.

    Dpi is meaningless, and only make graphics the size you need them or lower. Any larger just wastes memory which is in short supply on mobile and won't improve anything.

  • Arima is correct. If targeting a specific platform, it's best to ship sprites that are optimized for that resolution. If targeting a browser, in which screen sizes may vary, I tend to account for larger screens (resolutions are increasing over the years anyway) and scale down for smaller screens.

  • Thank you Arima and Excal.

    Even though I am primarily aiming for iPad I also want the game to be accessible for people on other platforms. That being said, what would you recommend as being a resolution that will cover all bases?

  • Games made for the ipad are required to be retina resolution these days by apple. If you make graphics for the 2048x1536 screen of the newer iPads, the graphics should look high res enough for all other screens (short of crazy resolutions like the new 4k format, but that's so new barely any tvs or monitors use it, and you definitely don't want to make an ipad game with graphics at that res. Also don't forget to design the graphics to be suitable for multiple aspect ratios).

  • A touch more on DPI.. It's a number included with the image so that the actual size can be calculated from the size in pixels.

    If it's 72, it divides the pixels width by 72 and tells you how wide it is on a ruler. Changing that number doesn't affect the pixel width.

  • Thank you all for your help!! It's greatly appreciated. Now I know how big to draw my sprites. Let the art begin!!

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  • So does C2 not have the capability to down scale automatically from a larger (Retina) resolution to a non-retina resolution for use on the earlier iPads, etc? Such as iPad 1 and 2?

    Or do we have to make several versions of our sprites and sprite sheets in order to get the graphics to show up on multiple devices beyond Retina.

    Thanks for any help offered on this.

  • C2 does have the capability to down scale the window under the fullscreen settings in the properties.

  • C2 does have the capability to down scale the window under the fullscreen settings in the properties.

    Thank you Arima. Really appreciate your help. But I just want to be absolutely sure. Excal mentioned earlier that it only worked for browsers or am I miss reading him? Cause my team isn't deploying to HTML 5 at all. We are strictly going iOS. Could you please confirm your answer? Thanks. You're a big help.

  • Exporting to ios, no matter what option you use, still uses html5. Fullscreen should work in any of them. If it doesn't, it's a bug.

  • Thanks

  • Arima Excal

    Thank you Arima. Really appreciate your help

    I have a big problem in graphics and running in cocoonjs

    i set my resolution 2048x1536 to my ipad mini and file size is almost 42mb

    (too big)

    when i run into the cocoojs it always crashing._.

    why is that?:(



  • 42mb is a lot larger after decompression. You might just be using too much ram. Are you using webgl?

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