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  • Just wondering that Mans games are Not playablenon the Ipad?? Is this because of not the touchpad??

  • I'm not sure I understand, can you explain what you're asking in more detail?

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  • "Just wondering that Mans games are Not playablenon the Ipad??"

    What do you mean by "Mans" <-- Does this have anything to do with game creation?, I know what this means and hows its used in a sentence. But your asking for professional help from people who are educated. This is not the mannor you speak with on the forums. I myself am only 17 but I speak to users with respect.

    As to your question.

    If you made a game with Construct2 there could be many reasons why your game is not working on the IPad,

    You might now be using the touch plugin, if your game is using the mouse plugin you need to change it to the touch plugin, there both very similar.

    Your IPad might not be able to handle the game, HTML5 is a relatively new technology so it's not going to perform as well as using other programming languages.

    If your game is using allot of physics then IOS devices are known to have crappy performance when using the physics object.

    Construct2 is a great tool, But for now intense mobile games are a little way away.

  • The new Apple iPad is amazing, but unfortunately it's really expensive.

  • yes pablomajid, its really expensive....

  • The new iPad isn't more expensive than the two generations before (at release), at least over here in Germany. Compared to similar Android tablets, it's pretty much in the same price range, too.

    I actually haven't seen a HTML5 game that works satisfactorily on the iPad2 (iOS5) so far. Even the relatively simple (not many sprites and no physics) card game -- labeled as iPad-friendly -- in the Arcade has noticeable input lag. It's better than on iOS4, but it's not there yet, just improving at a good pace. :)

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