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  • Hey guys, just thought I'd share this great article about making great 2D sprite animations.

    It has some really good pointers, and expands about some fine points of the art.

    Best tip I've seen in a long time xD It's a short article though!

    b]2. Make everything bouncy and feel alive

    Idle animation for Mercenary Kings boss

    Part of pushing your animations is making sure that characters never appear stiff, or as if they're made up of independent moving parts. Even when animating something as simple as a person breathing, you need to do more than just move their chest up and call it a day.

    Robertson says that you should always try to keep the character moving, even if they're standing still. Add some bounce to your characters, move their fists, make them blink, and add whatever you can so they look like they're living, breathing sprites.

    "[You have to animate] things like hair and clothes blowing in the wind or swaying around while they move, giving them exaggerated facial expressions, cute or funny idle animations, anything that makes them feel like they have a personality," he adds.

    You can read the rest of the article HERE!

    I highly recommend it to all 2D artists, especially pixel artists.

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  • Rory Thank you! Very useful and inspiring <img src="smileys/smiley2.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • Yep, interesting :)

  • nice article, thanks!

  • The guy gets points from me by saying we should play Taito and IREM games.

    The two made some of the greatest games of all time. What are you people waiting for?

  • Great example graphics, too! 'Idle animation for Mercenary Kings boss' is specially awesome!

    Thanks for sharing, Rory!

  • Yep, idle animations really spruce things up! But be careful not to bloat the game with a sheer amount of animations.

    Consider using upcoming Spriter C2 plugin for that purpose!

  • Great post! Really appreciate you posting the link as well!

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