Would You Be Interested In Game Tourneys For Prizes?

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  • I am setting up a game arcade website and I used to play and host a lot of pool and game tournaments so I am thinking of hosting skill game tournament once a month on my website using some of my own skill games like pinball but also considering other skill games in the arcade.

    You would get one week notification of what game is chosen for the tournament so you can practice on that game and then tournament play starts on Saturday and runs to Sunday and leader board would open and close after 48 hours. You can play as often as you want and high score at end of tourney would be announced and a prize rewarded.

    Games like pinball, darts, pool, golf or any games requiring skill not luck could be used.

    No fee to enter but I may consider a year end cash tourney on a popular skill game.

    Prizes would be something like a T-shirt, Amazon gift card or something of that nature.

    As long as these are skill games there is no problem with the US gaming commission and I have already checked that.

    So what do you think and I am open to feedback and suggestions?

    You can check out the website in the link in my signature.

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  • It’s a nice attempt. Looking awesome.

  • It’s a nice attempt. Looking awesome.

    Thanks- I am working on several skill games right now for the arcade and tournaments. I have Ricochet that I will be adding:


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