Integration with Photon Cloud: Multiplayer

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  • Velojet


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  • Status update (not progress update :( ) - I'm continuing to hold off further work till the Photon team has time to join in on the development.

    While you're waiting (and if you haven't done so already), have a good read of Exit Games' page on Understanding Photon Cloud. In particular, note that "Currently, the Photon Cloud does not allow any custom server logic". This is both a Good Thing and a Bad Thing - a Good Thing because it means that C2 developers won't need to get their hands dirty with server-side coding, and a Bad Thing because it means that server-side management of such tricky issues as cheating won't be possible.

  • Will this plugin work with the Windows 8 exporter? Because I have just started making my own apps for the Windows Store and would love it if I could make some sweet multiplayer game apps!

  • Will this plugin work with the Windows 8 exporter?

    All I can say at this stage is: possibly.

  • Velojet get yourself a PayPal account so I can smother you with money!!!

  • Wow Velojet this is very exciting, thanks for taking the time to work on this.

  • Velojet you need help to make a little pression on the photon cloud people?

  • SocialLie

    Thanks for your offer! However, I do know that they're keen to have a Construct 2 interface, but their CTO has told me that their SDK team is right now blocked with the Corona/LUA SDK and the Linux SDK for some large customers, so we just have to wait in line :-(

  • Ok thank you for the information Velojet we can wait in line.

  • Velojet

    They want large customers ? They'll get some ...

    Now where's mah pocket ...

  • As Taurian said in the OP, "This would be a great addon. The ability to communicate with Exit Games: Photon Cloud Service."

    But we had to wait six months before ExitGames came out with their JavaScript Cloud SDK. And then you had to wait while I converted the alpha version of my PhotonPlayer plugin for the Photon Server (see my post of 7 July 2012) to a PhotonClient behavior for the Photon Cloud. And I had to wait till the busy Photon team found time to join in on the development.

    But I decided I couldn?t wait, so I?ve pressed ahead on my own, picking my way through the rather sparse internal documentation of the Photon Cloud JavaScript SDK, to come up with a Construct 2 demo of my PhotonClient behaviour for the Photon Cloud.

    This is what you can expect to see when you run the demo and you?re the third to join in with two players already playing on two other PCs (I?ve not tested it on other devices):

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    So, to get my Workout demo up and running:

    1) Register with ExitGames for a Photon Cloud Account on their ?Forever Free Plan?, which gets you an app with a maximum of 20 CCU. You?ll be given an Application ID that you?ll need in Step 4. (It?s a generated identifier for your Photon Cloud application, used when an app client connects. It separates the users of your app from users of other Cloud apps.)

    2) You now need access to a HTTP web server (if you haven't got access to a remote server, you can use localhost for an in-house demo). Set up a folder on that web server from which to serve your workout demo ? I?ll call it ?photonclient.workout? in the following steps.

    3) Download the Workout demo files from my Dropbox account:

    4) Into your photonclient.workout folder, copy all the files from the Dropbox download, preserving the subfolders (css, images, media, photon).

    5) Load into a text editor the cloud-app-info-template.js file that?s in the photonclient.workout folder.

    6) Save that file back into the same folder renamed as cloud-app-info.js.

    7) Edit it to change the MasterAddress string value to your nearest Photon Cloud Master Server ? you can find a list of them at You'll need to replace 'port' (following the colon) with '9090' (just the four digits, not the quotes).

    8) Change the AppId string value to the Application ID you were given in Step 1.

    9) Open a browser (Firefox/Chrome/Safari/IE10) and access the photonclient.workout address where you copied my Workout demo files, and which now also contains your own edited cloud-app-info.js file.

    10) Type in your 3 character nickname and click the 'Join' button.

    11) Text a friend and get them to do the same. (If you haven?t got a friend, you can go to another computer yourself and do the same. If you haven?t got another computer, you can open a second browser and do the same.)

    12) Move your player and your friend/you should see it move in their/your other computer/browser. You're multiplaying with Construct 2!

    13) Try banging into one of the other players.

    OK, so now you?re keen to load my PhotonClient behavior into Construct 2 and try developing a multiplayer game for yourself. I?m afraid you?ll have to wait (yes, again!) for a couple of days while I complete the documentation. In the meantime, here?s a tantalising excerpt from the event sheet for my workout demo (just to prove it really has been made in Construct 2):

    <img src="" border="0">

  • Velojet


    Also, I dont get step 2! D:

  • I dont know how to do the HTTP Server thing hehe, my game is not linking with my friend's game.

  • InvaderX


    Step 2 / "the HTTP server thing" is crucial. Maybe wait till you've mastered how to set up and deliver files from a web server.

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  • I don't understand. I thought this whole thing was so that way we wouldn't have to use a server, that photon's cloud would handle everything. I don't know anything about http servers.

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