Integration with Photon Cloud: Multiplayer

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  • I really want to get a co-op harvest moon styled game done.

    Can't wait for it :( my dreams will come true with your success Velojet

    Go go go!

  • Rory

    Sorry - you will have to wait. I can only work on it in my spare time, and I won't have much of that for the next few weeks, at least :-(

  • Velo - Superb job so far. c2 is sorely missing the multiplayer aspect.

    I am surprised that there are no official c2 devs posting here..

  • Damn Jetpack Pigeons :P , I want that plugin or I'll die ...

    Attention ; Cookies can (will) extent my life duration for a moment , so if you want to make me wait , supply me with a LOT of cookies !

  • Progress report: I've now finished my rewrite to make use of C2 triggered conditions/events:

    • On game server ready
    • On joined
    • On leaving
    • On web player/s to be created
    • On web player joined
    • On web player updated
    • On web player leaving
    • On collision with another player
    • On impacted by another player
    • On message

    However, my development of this behavior began with the 3.0 Photon Server API (which didn't interface with the Photon Cloud) and the API of the 3.2 server (which does) incorporates "huge changes" to quote bertelmonster2k from the Photon team. So at his suggestion, I'm holding off further work till the Photon team has time to join in on the development.

  • Sounds awesome :)

    Hope the Photon team will aid you well.

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  • anyone have the photon player plugin that was there dropbox no longer has it

  • jezzarb94

    Thanks for pointing that out. I've now edited my earlier post to note that my Dropbox files in that message are no longer available and are being superseded by the Photon Client behavior that I'm working on.

  • Velojet I really would like to test the photon player plugin, I know your working on the cloud one, but i wanted to host on my own server not on the photon cloud, but i may use photon cloud if I cannot afford to pay for my server

  • Come on , I know you can become the greatest kiwi in this universe !

  • I can't believe I missed all your progress! In any case, it's awesome to see how far you've come, I hope Photon will realise that the sooner they get to working on it with you, the better it is for them. This can make multiplayer in Construct so much better and easier. Props to you man, props to you.

  • BigMistake

    Thanks for the props! (Particularly coming from a Tenacious D fan ;-)

    To be fair to the Photon team, they do indeed realise the importance of working with me and they do want to progress the Photon-Construct 2 interface, so we are working together behind these scenes. However, they've got a couple of other big projects taking up their time at the moment, so I can't yet give any indication of an ETA.

  • Great to hear. I guess I'll just have to wait, as hard as that is :P

  • Wow, this is an amazing work. I was just looking at unity / photon for a small multiplayer project with 2-8 players at the same time, I guess Photon can easily handle it !

    And for the release of this plugin prepare a donate button :)

    If you need some help for test ask me !

  • Velojet


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