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  • Hi All,

    Very new to Construct 2 and I already love it.

    I am trying to make an infinite running game where I randomly line up different poles(or road) which my hero has to walk on. The poles are not in straight platforms but diagonal. Start from Top right scrolling towards bottom left. Here is a sample image I created to show what I am trying to achieve.


    At every Tick, I am incrementing the Pole objects' X,Y but (-1,1). Also tried at Layout Start added bullet motion to -225 deg.

    As the poles move downwards, I am creating new poles at the top. This is where the problem started.

    1) I am not able to properly identify where to place the newly created Pole from. How do I get the Position of the Last created Pole, so that I can "attach" the new pole to it?

    1.1) I managed to identify the last created Pole using an Instance boolean variable called ISLAST. Using this I trapped the X and Y and use it to position the newly created object. But I am hoping there is a better way of doing it.

    2) I then noticed my Pole platform started drifting to much towards the left, like this:


    I primarily need help with the drifting Platform/Pole. Any help will be greatly appreciated!



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