Are indie games just normal games? ... ;)

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  • Read an interesting blog entry by Robert Fearon. It has an nice angle on "indie revolution".


    ops. link:

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  • I've personally never liked the term indie myself. But the term means independent or more specifically. "NOT A BIG COMPANY".

    Personally I find the term insulting. But that's me. But yes an indie game is just like any other game. Sometimes and what I'm finding to my taste; often are better.

  • Very interesting read!

    Here are some additional thoughts:

    When digital games became an industry, they also slowed down the creative expansion. Mainly because game development even after 40 years still means re-inventing the wheel. Those who did this process once, had a huge advantage - and used it to control the market as much as possible.

    If you are unsure what I mean, let's see a very simple example:

    We're back in 1981, a few months before the release of the C64. A young boy aged 13 walks to the mall almost every day to admire a computer named Sinclair ZX81. After a while he got up the nerve to actually touch the device and start using it. He developed his first simple programs, especially interested in the random function.

    One day he asked the always helpful shop assistant: "So now that I can generate random numbers, how can I make sure, that the numbers are unique? You know, like in a card game, where you just shuffle, what is already there." The shop assistant explained it, and it was quite simple, once you understood the thoughts behind the technique.

    Sounds familiar? Shuffling random unique numbers? It is. It's something everyone needs sooner or later when developing a game. Still, in 2013, people have to ask how this is done. They shouldn't be forced to. Re-inventing the wheel.

    Game creation software is on the right track taking the technical load of standards away from the developer. Physics simulation, automated control behavior, line of sight, pathfinding, etc. But it's not enough yet. Because the only "indie revolution" that really deserves the name, is given when everyone can make a game, just because he/she wants to.

    Just as you can write a blog or create a video. You just do it. No hurdles, no "secret" knowledge necessary. That would be a revolution...

  • Jayderyu: as in music the term is commonly abused. It is easy to just clasify stuff in a couple of cathegories ... dont you think?

    Tulamide: exactly! You took me on a memory train just there. The famous C64 was before my age but I remember my brother fiddling away on a local Atari. It was magic. C64 was the object of ultimate desire and even though I was too little then, I cherish C64 to this day. You could really grasp the techology back then - from hardware to software... and create - of course games :) - Maybe a similar feeling can be found twaking and exploring a Raspberry PI nowadays. Raspberry project really helps put technology in perspective and provides study matherial - thats what matters. OK enough memories :)

    Exactly as you said. software technology is advancing and "middleware" really helps to get your hands on it :)

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